Jorge Kauam


Chef Kauam's love affair with culinary arts began long before Mokau was born. Jorge is originally from Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Margarita Island in the Caribbean, where he studied culinary arts. Jorge's appreciation for chocolate started with a profound respect for food. He began learning by watching his Portuguese and Spanish family as they cooked. At age 23, Jorge studied Molecular and Modernist Gastronomy at the Ibero American Institute of Culinary Arts, in Spain. When Chef Kauam turned 29, decided to move with his

family to Miami, chasing a new life style and better opportunities. Their love for food and after a long time in the area, the Kauam family decided to follow their passion and established Mokau Chocolates, named after his family names: Moreno and Kauam. 
Chef Jorge Kauam combines the Caribbean flavors, the European techniques and the Asian spices, creating the best combination in each chocolate. He has also earned various awards for Best Dessert Dish in Venezuelan competitions.